Thursday, April 8, 2010


These are some of my favorite watches! Some have interchangeable bands but most don't.
$10 Each or 2 for $16

More Watch Bands!

These bands are made with smaller beads and fun to wear everyday!
$12 Each or 4 for $40

Watch Bands

Fun Watch Bands made with medium size bead.
$12 Each or 4 for $40

Chunky Watch Bands

These bands are made with larger beads! They are cute and Chunky.
$12 Each or 4 for $40

Watch Faces

Here are some of the faces I carry.
$8 Each

Glass Tile Necklaces!

I love these and they are one of my top sellers! Ifinally got the options put together in a couple of different Slide shows below.
$6 Each or 2 for $10
Here are some fun options.
Here are some Holiday Options.

Here are my Religious Options.

Frame Necklaces!

These are so cute! I hope to make a slide show of all the options soon.
$6 Each or 2 for $10


Here are a few of my necklaces!


Here is a Slide show of some of my fun earrings!

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